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Article on our property at 15 Cashel St Cowdy newsletter Winter 2014

Design celebration for residential rental development

Good design doesn’t need to cost the earth

An extremely narrow section in Cashel Street, Christchurch, provided a unique design challenge for Ian Athfield Architects.

Land lady Liz Harris gave the company the task of creating something special in residential living in a difficult space and the result is a outstanding design, Cowdy & Co Managing Director Andrew Cowdy says.

“It shows what can be done with a very narrow site, it’s inspirational and displays confidence to others,” he said.

Architect Nicholas Faith was one of a team at Ian Athfield that worked on the design for a property that was just 10 metres wide but 50 metres in length.

An old two-storey house, which had apparently been renovated for one-bedroom flats, had occupied the site.

One of the main challenges with the narrow section was the provision of parking. Normally this might have been placed on the street side but the architects positioned them between buildings.

The end result was four two-bedroom units which are almost identical, three in one block at the rear and one at the front. Such units are in strong demand, especially in this case as the units are close to the hospital, Nicholas said.

Construction was completed at the end of last year.

Nicholas says the firm has dealt with narrow sections in Wellington but not often in Christchurch. However the Cashel Street site is by no means the only narrow site being worked on – there are two sites in nearby Hereford Street, one of which will take 12 units..

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